Bison encourages development of individuals to introspect deeply and learn to act not on directives, but on inspiration from within, thus aiming to provide a strong motivation to our employees to become psychological co-owners of the organization and to succeed with determination & commitment. As facilitators of the growth process of the employees, Bison is committed to providing a work environment where people are

  • Offered full opportunities and challenges to develop individually, enabling career growth.
  • Encouraged to acquire knowledge to meet the challenges of new technologies and Business needs in the changing scenario.
  • Educated and guided to inculcate and practice values nurtured by the organization.
  • Provided strong motivation to take the organization ahead.
  • Assisted in creating and maintaining a human resource system for optimizing human potential.

Current Openings

Role: Sr. CAD Designer
Location: Alpharetta, GA

  • Conduct research of U.S. market to identify new trends,  to enhance current offerings and to translate findings to mass merchant products for supplies product lines;
  • Create new product layouts, and package design using creative suites software, such as CAD, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw;
  • Create and product specification sketches to the overseas designers to assure that precise samples are produced by the overseas factory;
  • Review all product samples before presenting them to consumers to assure optimal construction and  details and compliance with quality parameters;
  • Devise a procedure for the entire design process that breaks each the process down into its basic elements, and set measurable benchmarks to assure timely completion of the various processes;
  • Coordinate with the Production team to ensure timely development of product lines and convey all pertinent information to the Production Manager to ensure production are manufactured in accordance with specifications;
  • Coordinate with support teams in Asia  to intercommunicate product design and packaging for finalizing costs;
  • Make recommendations for and establish design and process improvements to enhance productivity and anticipate trends and market needs.

Requires: Masters in Graphic Design or related, or Bachelor’s degree with 5 years of CAD designing experience. USA or foreign equivalent degrees accepted.
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