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About NSF® Certification

The NSF® is an independent non-profit organization that has a keen focus on public safety and well-being. In other words, the NSF® is a global mastermind in standards development, education, product certification and public health risk management. For instance, equipment that are sealed with the NSF® mark on it, from simple gloves to huge dishwashers, indicate that they have been tested and have passed the highest degree of performance standards, that have been designed for that specific equipment or apparatus.

What is unique about NSF®, it is not just a onetime act of certification. Some of their activities involve initial qualification, unannounced factory inspections, periodic re-testing and if necessary a de-certification. This makes sure that various equipment meet the required criteria at all times.

What Bison Life™ Makes Sure

The demand for premium gloves in the food industry never seems to cease. With advanced innovations and newer approaches to usage methods, the protocol to meet quality standards and safety is always on the rise. Considering this as a crucial factor, we at Bison-life have designed gloves for the food industry that meets all of NSF®’s standards, at all times. Every glove produced, goes through an in-depth quality check in terms of toxicology, microbial testing, barrier resistance, sanitation and durability.


What you can be ensured

By making use of NSF® certified gloves in the food industry, you can be assured of the highest-best safe food contact. In addition to this, you can also be assured of the best of performances of these disposable single-task gloves. With an expert panel of health officials, manufacturers and others having inspected every aspect, these NSF® certified Bison Life™ gloves are formulated for comfort, rigidity and longevity.

Highlights of the glove

  • Highest grade of protection
  • Produced in a clean environment.
  • Safe food-contact.
  • Designed with perfection in every facet.
  • Consistent performer in the food industry.

Looking Beyond the Ordinary

Having an NSF® mark has become an essential in the food handling industry as it ensures a substantial focus on safety, hygiene and durability.  At Bison Life™, we aim at looking beyond the ordinary. Our NSF® certified gloves are not just mere food equipment. They come with one of the most protective marks to ensure nothing but the best to customers. Our gloves are carefully manufactured with all of the FDA approved materials in a hygienically controlled environment. Regular usage of the Bison Life™ NSF® gloves significantly lowers risk of food borne sicknesses and facilitates extra-protection.

In a Nutshell

NSF® gloves are a boon to the food industry. These gloves are designed for comfort from every aspect, thereby, making the smallest to the largest of chores an effortless task. In a nutshell, an NSF® gloved hand is one of the best possible safety barriers one can ever make use of.

Why Buy?

  • Remember, it has passed the entire, highest grade NSF® safety terms and conditions.
  • Best certification in the food industry.
  • NSF® – indeed a mark of pride.
  • Long lasting safety glove.

Food service industry recommends Bison Life™. Helping to protect your work environment. Helping to keep your customers happy.
Bison Life™’s vision – “Making an impact one clean at a time”

Our products are certified by NSF® and have achieved the highest quality standard in the Food service industry today. All products are made of certified high quality formulated materials. Ideal where constant changing is required in Food service.

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