Bison is an established expert and a one stop shop in the industry. Bison Products hold the highest standards like BPA free for POS supplies , NSF® certified for Food handling and FDA approved for Medical products, Bison’s Safety and Maintenance division understands OSHA, ANSI, and ASTM regulations and how they affect you. Understanding the regulations allows Bison to specify the correct products to its customers for a high sell thru and also keeping the end customers safe and happy.

Bison continues to strive to be the leader for your safety needs. We have committed to the latest technology to provide you with the best service possible. Our office and warehouse use wireless EDI and latest ERP technology to process all orders. This greatly saves on our natural resources and eliminates order errors. All of our supply chain is processed automatically and our inventory is replenished quicker than would be possible if performed manually.

Bison will continue to put the needs of our customers first. We will always have the latest products innovated and launched, along with maintaining 100% inventory. Bison has the most knowledgeable customer service teams. We understand that you have a choice in the Supplies Company and we will strive to earn and maintain your business.

Our View on Inventory

While the national trend may be for safety companies to reduce their inventory levels, we have done just the opposite. In the last three years we have increased our inventory levels by over 100%( 15 weeks of replenishment inventory) to the dismay of our accounting department. This has allowed us to have ample inventory not just for the routine replenishment orders but also during times of national and natural disasters. Many manufacturers now build their product as orders come in and has led to increased lead times upsetting many Customers. This industry change has had a positive effect on us and has made us one of the largest Bison life™ manufacturer and distributor.

Freight factor reduction

Bison has strategically located warehouse in the United States situated in Colton, California with over 220,000 sq. feet of storage space. Bison’s strategically located 450,000Sq ft. Manufacturing Locations in Kansas City, KS – Reno, NV – Ashland, VA for POS products can cover all 50 states and reduced freight factor significantly for its clients. Bison’s goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility and cost saving for operational in-store solutions.We have an international reputation as the company that has excellent supply chain, Quality, R&D and long term strategic Partnerships.

Bison Life™ ( is the TOP brand in the industry today.