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Bison’s Thermal Paper manufacturing Process

POS roll details

POS Thermal Paper Coating and Converting Process

Step 1: Under-coating on base paper – To improve the paper’s printing properties(giving a smoother and more even surface, a better quality of image, a more even distribution of the thermal coating, etc.).

Step 2: Thermal Coating on under-coating – To improve coloring, color enhancing and etc.,

Step 3: Calendaring – To improve the smoothness of paper.

Step 4: Winding, Packaging & Binding

Step 5: Quality testing – To check the quality of the thermal coating, sensitivity test is carried out and which has two distinct aspects

  •  Static sensitivity test – Index of the temperature at which the paper starts to react.
  •  Dynamic sensitivity test – Shows how fast thermal paper can be printed.

Step 6: Protective Coating – Depending on the final use for which the product is intended, it is sometimes necessary to apply an additional coating to protect the paper from external factors such as mechanical abrasion, chemical products, climatic factors, plasticizers and etc.,

Step 7: Finished bulk warehouse

Step 8: Rewinding & slitting

Step 9: Checking, Packaging & Palletizing

Step 10: Shipments to customer Dc’s