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Patient safety, in our mind, is essentially keeping the patient free from harm related to hospitalization. This is a very broad statement and does not capture all the complexities of healthcare institutions and the variables of human factors.

Who is responsible? Everyone who works in the healthcare organization is responsible for safety measures. Policies and procedures are written to facilitate regulatory compliance and standardize practices. This includes clinical care departments and non-clinical departments.  Each department has policies specific to their workflows that are designed to “keep the patient safe.”
Patient safety should take place throughout the medical facility and not just the patient care areas. Pharmacy is not a designated patient care area; however, maintaining the sterility of intravenous drugs will promote safe patient therapy. Dietary is not a designated patient care area; however, washing hands and maintaining a clean work area minimizes the microorganisms in the environment.
How do we do it? By providing the best standards of safety and protection for the Medical/ health Industry.

Bison Production helps this industry with the following products which help you protect yourself and your customers for a safe industry standard.

Dust Masks
Band aids
Compression socks
Blood pressure monitor